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My simple approach to merging audio with any other media is getting to the bottom of what you want to convey, and finding the best sonic material possible to tell that story. Whether through music, sound effects, foley, or editing the audio you already have, I want to help you shape it into something great.


Three important characteristics of sound for me are the ways it implies movement, interaction and can be also be used as a means to find our way. Over the past decade, I have been involved in music and visual media projects in different cities in Canada and the US, and in various musical groups of diverse styles of performance and genre. I enjoy working in uncharted territory in both music and sound design. I can also be found collecting sound on film sets and documentary projects and enjoy creating audio effects and editing sound effects for the more fantastic of audio needs. This joy can definitely be credited to the University degree in Electroacoustic Studies and the time I spent at Concordia and McGill digging for unheard sounds (I am convinced they exist!!)

" of the things I noticed was that the moment there was any kind of audio attached to virtual reality, it really improved the experience, even though the audio didn't feel like a sound engineer or composer had been anywhere near it."

Thomas Dolby

Customized Sound Design

Original thematic/symphonic composition to experimental drone, impactful EDM, to subtle and dramtic underscore for a demo reel. Choose from a small library of basic compositions, or let's work on an original score for your film.
Sound Effects
Over the years, I have collected and created customized sound effects for many genre of film and media projects. If I do not already have the sounds you're looking for, I would love to go and get them for you!
Production Audio can be tricky and sometimes, important audio cues get missed. From footsteps in the hay, to brandishing a complex laser gun from the future, I love to get creative and sync these sounds up to your picture.


Dialogue Edit
The dialogue edit is kind of the letter 'A' in the ABC's of audio post-production. It is where all the work begins to shape your film sound and is one of the most important aspects of this stage of a film production. I find that the edit shows the strengths and weaknesses of the film audio, and a good dialogue edit is the foundation from which all other sounds are built upon.
Once all the sounds have been created, composed, and's time to mix it all together! I am able to mix to spec for the Theatre, DVD, Blu-Ray, Online content, Radio and Television (Stereo, LCR, 5.1 Surround)